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Mudd Club Plaque

Mudd club

I’ve been to so many great clubs in NYC but never went to the Mudd Club. I wasn’t living in NYC at that time plus I wouldn’t have been old enough to get in. The Mudd Club operated from 1978-1981 at 77 White Street in Downtown Manhattan and was named after Samuel Mudd  a doctor who treated John Wilkes Booth after Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. It was said to be the cooler version of “Studio 54” in Midtown. Warhol, Bowie, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Johnny Thunders, Basquiat, Madonna, Lou Reed were all frequent patrons. Keith Haring curated an art gallery upstairs. The Talking Heads mentioned the Mudd Club in their song “Life During Wartime.” I’m sure it was great time in the quiet streets of Downtown Manhattan.

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