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Union Square Rock n’ Punk Music Tour

Ramones, VU, Stones, Warhol, Dolls, Clash

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Learn how in the mid-1960s American pop culture was forever changed

In the mid-1960s, American pop culture was about to change forever and the center of it was Max’s Kansas City on Park Avenue South just off Union Square. Andy Warhol once said, “Max’s Kansas City is where Pop Art and Pop Life came together.”

Rock Junket will recreate those magical rock n’ roll moments with this 2-hour walking tour through one of New York City’s most historic neighborhoods.

See where Iggy Pop cut himself on stage; where the Velvet Underground recorded a live album; where Andy Warhol was shot; where Debbie Harry was a waitress and where the cover for London Calling by the Clash was shot.

As we learn about the history of the neighborhood, some of the sites Rock Junket will discuss include:

  • Max’s Kansas City
  • Andy Warhol
  • Rolling Stones
  • Johnny Ramone
  • Palladium
  • Irving Plaza
  • Union Square
  • The Ritz
  • Webster Hall
  • and more rock